Venture investments

We make venture capital investments for the world’s most promising companies. Having worked with partners in the U.S., Europe and Asia, we have the privilege to invest in companies all around the world.

We are ready to provide potential partners with an investment fund starting at $100,000. Besides investing, we can also provide our partners with the necessary business advice, such as, management, engineering, legal, marketing and financial.

When evaluating and selecting companies to invest in, we pay particular attention to the following investment criteria:

Position in the market

We look for companies with a large share of the target market and the potential to become a leader in the selected segment.


To build long-term relationships, the company strives to maintain a strong and motivated management team, the motivation of which should be consistent with the interests of investors.

Growth potential

We invest in companies that have a clear competitive advantage sufficient to make rapid expansion in its target market.

Cash flow and profitability

Attractive level of profitability that demonstrates its ability to achieve positive cash flow within a reasonable period of time.

All of the above are important factors taken into consideration when we make our investment decisions.

At the current moment, the investment fund is in the range of 10 million dollars. We have funded some of the world’s most promising sectors such as space technologies, agriculture, medicine, communication, internet services, financial, IT, online laboratories, hardware and production. The fund is planning to make more investments in two years. We will inform our potential partners before providing the next investment fund to conduct joint activities.
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