Team SecondWorkingDistrict are experts and analysts with years of experience ready to perform quality tasks. We have very competitive advantages in business development in the IT sector. The outstanding management of our company has led the company KONSTRUKTOR to the international market, working from being a regional IT equipment vendor all the way to becoming an international company with its own products in the field of cloud computing.

Влад Криштоп
Vlad Krishtop
Founder and Chairman
The founder of SecondWorkingDistrict has been working in the company since day one. Vladislav has countless success stories of international investments in properties, stock markets, venture investments and management. He has also been the CEO of KONSTRUKTOR since 1999. He received his bachelor’s degree from SGTU in 2002 majoring Economics and Management. He got his MBA degree from ANA in 2005. In 2014 he completed training on executive education at Stanford University.

Юрий Чекаленко
Yuriy Chekalenko
Yuriy joined our company in 2005. Before that he worked as a private consultant for more than 31 years in management and organizational consulting. He has participated in top projects associated with finances, oil & gas, and in the technological sectors. His major is "engineer-mathematician."